Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harry Potter World Trip!

Last week my sweet friend Amber came down to Florida! 
You all may know Amber from her blog Hott-N-Annie! The one thing she definitely wanted to do when she came down, was go to Harry Potter World! I had only been one other time, and Eli was too small to go on any rides, so it was awesome, but not the best hahaha! But this time was AMAZING!
We went straight from the gate of Islands of Adventure to Harry Potter World - nothing else we really wanted to see honestly! hahaha! We ate at the 3 Broom Sticks and it was SO good! 
Awww @ambercox went back to MO - we had soooo much fun together! She got to meet the whole gang!! So stoked she came down, sure wish we lived closer!!

Baaaaaa I'm so excited!!!!!!!
Lauren and I didn't puke on the Hogwarts ride wootwoot! (we both get motion sickness bad)
That ride is way intense!! 
Which wand?! We got Harry's already!
I already had the Harry wand, so guess which two new wands I bought? Guess!!! :)
Sisters in potter land
I'm so so happy Lauren and I got to spend the day together with Amber. 
Reminded me of our childhood, minus all the fights haha! 
So.....I never drank butterbeer til this trip and I fall in LOVE! So I thought, "Butter! and Beer! - ewwww!" But it is heaven in a glass!! The frozen one is the! So SO so good! We each had two! hahaha!
@ambercox drink'n butterbeer! 2nd one!! So so good!

The day was perfect! Oh and the craziest/best thing happened - I got to meet Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane! Totally nuts! She and her family were there the same day! She's my craft super hero ps ha! She was just so sweet and her family was great! It was really a neat surprise to meet her! I was very stoked! :)
Woot woot
I was sad to leave Potter World! But there's always next time! 
I told my sister I wanna have my bachelorette thingie there haha no bars or weird weenie cakes or whatever people do - just Potter World please haha! That's ok right!? ;) 
Be back later with my Potter Goodies! 
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miss teacups. said...

Aw that looks like SO much fun and as if you got to meet are like, her #1 fan!! So fun!!

Zombie Queen said...

How cool! I am a huge HP fan. Looks like you guys had a blast. I hope me and my kiddos make it to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter soon :)

eef said...

ahhhhh i want to go so bad!!! looks like so much fun! which wands did you buy??? Awesome you ran into Heidi--she's been one of my inspirations for YEARS! =]

Claire said...

I love this post!
I totally act like a kid when I go to Florida!
I love Universal! But I just found out they got rid of the Jaws ride! :(

Flourish and Fancy said...

dying of jealousy.