Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keys Weekend with the Boys

Our weekend started early last week! We left Friday morning for the Keys with a pit stop to the office for our iPad3 that got delivered! Brian had the sweetest/ goofiest message engraved on the back! :)
We got some Dunkin Donuts for the ride and were out!
Keys Weekend Trip
It was beautiful down there! The weather was perfect (well it was a bit windy and the water was still chilly for me ;)) We snorkeled a bit - the fish were stoked to see us ;)  We ate a lot of tasty food! 
Also crochet'n in the car  that's his supply box
Oh this is Eli crocheting bracelets in the back seat on the ride down! He melts my heart!
Florida Keys Trip
The Lorelei got repainted! She looks beautiful - see her old self here! Our pirate flag is looking meaner than ever, all tore and tattered! arrrhh! And Hens and Chickens Reef is so so beauty! 
We had a fun weekend! I'm completely worn out! I feel like I haven't sat in days, I still have a zillion things to do before tomorrow hahaha but I need sleep now. How are you ringing in the Spring?
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sécia said...

That message is hilarious.

♥ sécia

Megan said...

Aah, sounds like so much fun! I love Eli's crocheting in the back seat, so so cute.

Sara Stoff said...

I am so effin jealous of your keys getaways! Looks like so much fun! ps- will I be seeing your pretty face next week?

Lisa said...

As soon as I saw the pictures (before reading any text) I sort of shrieked "that's Lorelei"!

Ha. I used to live in Islamorada, worked at Cheeca Lodge.

And I see you fed the tarpon. Back when I lived there I used to tell people it was the best $5 you'd ever spend. I doubt it's that inexpensive these days.