Saturday, March 31, 2012

Support Boy Crafters

This past month Eli has been making and selling, he's only 7! I'm so proud of him! He's gone to two Craft Shows with Olivia and I for Oh Strumpets. He's doing such a wonderful job! He's been saving his money and hasn't spent a dime of it, though he's offered to pay for ice-cream once or twice haha I tell him it's ok I got it covered ;) And to teach him about business Brian makes him pay the postage when a bracelet needs to be shipped - teaching Eli his skills of being an entrepreneur :) Makes me so happy! Oh eli! <3

Something else that makes me SO happy is all of you! I really do have the best friends and blog buds! 
I just want to thank you all with all my heart! Thank you thank you!! Thank you for supporting our little boy crafter! He's learning so much from this experience! Plus it's so neat for him to see the bracelets he makes go all over the world! So crazy! Thank you!!! 
Eli Made

One big thank you goes to Robbie from Knitxcore! Robbie wrote a post about how his grandmother supported all his creative endeavors and little Eli's bracelets. It is so important to support your sons, brothers, nephews in exploring their crafty creativeness- crafts aren't just for girls! :) 
Thank you Robbie for such a wonderful post! 

Besides Eli, my dad Larry Farley is the craftiest guy I know! :) 
My grandparents let him make anything, hooked rugs, pottery, making his own clothes, and this amazing cross stitch haha! Monte Carlo! Wootwoot! How great is it!? 
This is a cross stitch my dad made when he was younger  this is the best thing EVER! Can't wait to show Eli!  @knitxcore had to show you too!  #boycrafts
Now my dad mainly is a wood crafter currently, he builds furniture, guitars, he carved for a long time (doesn't anymore, but I sure wish he'd start back up -hinthint!) oh and he cooks and has a "jungle" which is his plants and garden area. He's always had a workshop and his father had a workshop too. I'm so proud of my dad - way beyond words! My dad is incredibly well rounded thanks to his crafty creative skills he learned as a kid! 
Moral of the story - Support ALL kids in their creative interests! Give em a ball of yarn, giant sheets of paper, let them help bake, just help make the world a more creative place! 
I promise it will be better that way! :) 
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heather dawn said...

This is the sweetest most imspiring post!!!! I hope my kids will be like Eli!!!!

Claire said...

This is so adorable!
You are such a good role model Becky!

Velma said...

I agree! Encourage all kids to be creative!!! Eli is the sweetest and I love seeing how y'all encourage him! Kira squealed when she saw she was in the blog pics!!

Sylvia-Louise said...

As kids we were always encouraged creatively. My dad can make anything he puts his mind to as well, so it wasn't weird when my brother asked me to teach him to crochet. He's made lots of scarves and baby afghans as gifts. I LOVE the crafty men in my life!

Robert Dulaney said...

WoW! Your dad is a wizard! Crafty runs in the family, huh?

Lesley Jean said...

I was going on and on to my husband about this today! (Cause I received my awesome bracelet in the mail this morning!) I am going to do a post about it on my blog this week. I love everything about this.