Monday, April 16, 2012

Blueberry Pick'n

Some very sweet friends of ours took us out to their blueberry fields on Sunday and it was so much fun! 
I can't remember the last time I picked fruit straight from the tree/bush. Being 12 and picking tangerines from my parents tree and hurling them at my siblings doesn't count (ps we wouldn't actually hurt each other, we'd rip the tangerines in half the throw them at one another creating the stickiest mess EVER) sorry off topic! Ok so the blueberry fields were beautiful!  ;) 
Just look! This photo was taken with my phone - nuts huh!? I brought my canon, but I didn't want to lug it around while picking berries. Oh iPhone you are pretty wonderful!

 Bri found the best berries
Both Brian and Eli really got into it, which cracks me up because when I buy blueberries neither of them will eat them! Brian was eating them right off the branches, but not Eli- he sticks to his picky habits. That kid doesn't know what he's missing! The fat dark berries are so sweet! 
Obviously, I had to remind Brian, "the blacker the berry......" Oh 2pac I'm not actually a fan haha but thanks for the reference! 

Pick'n blueberries
Eli was pretty darn cute out there in the field. He really loves the oddest jobs. 

So many!!
Tonight I'm going to make the boys blueberry pancakes and bacon for dinner! And blueberry muffins for Brian and the gang at Sonic Print - FROM SCRATCH! Geez I hope they turn out okay! 

blueberry fields forever
The whole time we were out in the blueberry fields, I had Strawberry Fields Forever stuck in my head, just minus straw and add blue ;) 
I'll be back later with (fingers crossed) some tasty muffin photos and a recipe for you! 
Oh and if you all have any good fresh blueberry recipes I'd LOVE to hear them! 
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Lyssalove said...

That looks fun! I can't wait 'till the dewberries start getting ready to be picked here!

Robert Dulaney said...

i live right outside of the blueberry capital of the world, and i lovveeeeeeee the little white ones. haha. so good.

Pamplemousse1983 said...

That first picture of the berries is GORGEOUS!

Lee Toscano said...

That first picture of the berries is GORGEOUS!