Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get'n Springy

Bunny cakes!
I made cupcakes for the whole office! 
 #bunny #blythe
Even my Blythe dolls are ready for Spring! ;)
Eli helped make some bunnies for all the kids in the family (it's a kit from target, self sticky felt-I'll take it)
Eli put these little felt bunnies together for all the kids in our family and some friends! 
4days late building the Scout Creative paper craft calendar  its a dragon on an egg - Easter dragon! Or game of thrones lover
I put together the Scout Creative Paper Calendar for April! It's a dragon sitting on an egg! Cute huh?! 
Think it's for the Easter Dragon or are they Game of Throne fans! I like both!
hallowing eggs
Eli hallowed out eggs hahaha! He loved the grossness of it! "Looks like snot!" 
He decorated the hallowed eggs special so we can kept them out on the table! 
spring center piece
Made some Happy Spring postcards! Stamp'n all now
I made Happy Spring cards for our friends and family! Oh and special Oh Strumpets ones too! 
egg dying
These are our eggs we dyed! We had friends and my sis Lauren come over to help! 
I think they turned out so pretty!
Are you getting ready for Spring? 
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Sara Stoff said...

Not going to lie. That first picture startled me. So many eyes looking at me!! haha. You are such a domestic diva!

Aveline said...

oh my god.. the colours on those cupcakes are so cute! the look really good!

write in tights said...

Hello love! I found you over this way.. I'm following you now. :)

Eartha Kitsch said...

Loved the sweet card! Thanks! I always forget about blowing eggs. That's always so fun. Maybe next year!