Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lego Birthday Ideas

Lego Birthday Ideas
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Eli's 8th birthday is coming up! So I asked what theme he wanted this year and he said LEGOS!! 
So I went on Pinterest and found a bunch of cute DiY Lego ideas
Eli wants to take photos of his mini figures and then hide them around the house and have a scavenger hunt for the kids - pretty cool idea huh?! Also we have to have a piƱata so he said a lego guy head haha, but I thought maybe a lego block - smashing a lego guy in the head maybe perceived as violent haha so we'll see ;) 
Lego cake idea
I drew out this Lego Cake (I'm horrible at drawing haha). I thought I could use these giant donut pans to make a Lego guy head, plus a normal cake pan in the middle and a teeny one on top! Then since Eli wears glasses I thought I could take chop sticks, paint em black and tada glasses! What do you think!? 

Here's Eli's 007 birthday from last year! Here's his secret agent 007 birthday invites from last year!
And for Christmas we made and sent out Lego Holiday Cards

In the comments leave your Lego Birthday Ideas :) 
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Dlsarmywife said...

My youngest (who will also be turning 8 this year) LOVES LEGOS...I was just thinking yesterday of doing a LEGO themed party for him too!

Torrie said...

I think the glasses will be a cute personal touch to the cake! I also like the look of the Lego head cake pops =)

Velma said...

I love that he is doing a scavenger hunt! How awesome!
I think the kids would enjoy just having lego building stations where they can make things or add to something someone else is making... I love when my kids just pull out a bucket of legos and get to building!

mags said...

When is the party? Can't wait! He's taking after you with your crafty ideas!

Sway said...

Ohhh what about a lego piece or lego-man pinata - full of lego and lollies!!!
'Pin the arm on the lego-man' could be cute too!

~kjirsten~ said...

That is totally awesome. Trenton wants a Lego party this year too. I didn't even thing to go check pinterest for ideas. I am however going to crochet him a Lego blanket. Have fun planning and celebrating Eli's birthday.