Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I've been making........

hahaha! I bet some of you think Blythes are super weird, well I did too!! Til I got one of my own and now I LOVE them! Seriously I thought they were the oddest things! 
But now look at them all in my Flickr set!
making blythe doll clothes
I love the mininess! The dresses are just too cute! Olivia made a blythe dress tutorial! It's in two parts- Blythe Dress Making Part 1 and Blythe Dress Making Part 2! You should give it a try! 
Or if you just want to purchase some of the cutest Blythe dresses in town, catch out Olivia's blythe dresses on Oh Strumpets
@oliveoh made me the CUTEST skull dress and tutu for my blythes  it's perfect!
Look at the skull one she made me! With one of her adorable tutus! 

So do you have any Blythe Dolls? Or have any interest in Blythes? I'm curious! 
Who's never heard of Blythe and thinks I'm nuts? haha! 
Olivia and I have an Oh Strumpets Blythe Blog, you should go take a peek!
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Robert Dulaney said...

those tiny dresses are totes presh!

Velma said...

these dresses are too cute!!!
I had fun making the Jayne hat -- now I'm thinking I need one!!! AH!!! Or two because you know the little girl needs one too!!!

Leminh said...

I love blythe dolls though many of my friends think their creepy!