Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eli's Lego Birthday Party!

Eli's Lego Birthday Party!
This weekend we celebrated Eli's 8th birthday! Lego Style! ;)
He seemed pretty stoked about everything, which made me super stoked!
He said his favorite part of the decorations was the straw and utensil holders made of legos hahaha! Oh and the Lego Crayons we made together for the goodie bags!
Happy 8th Birthday Eli!
He was one happy kiddo! 
DiY Lego Birthday Party
I used the Lego Head I made to make straw and cupcake toppers.
Eli and I made that green Lego Brick piñata! Though we built it too strong hahaha and no one could bust it, so the kids ripped it open! We used real Legos to build the straw and utensil holders. I used these candy molds to make Lego Brick candies. Oh I made 2 cakes and cupcakes haha I got nervous the Lego Head Cake wasn't going to turn out, so I needed back up! I made a blue Lego Brick Cake with a bread pan and mini cupcakes! But luckily the Lego Head Cake did turn out! :)
This is how I made the Lego Head cake! 
My aunt bought me the Williams Sonoma Donut Cake Pan for Christmas, so I used that for the top and bottom of the head, then I used two regular size cake pans for the middle! Because the Donut Pans are a bit smaller than the normal cake pans, I just trimmed them down with a knife and used the trimmings for the top of the Lego Head! Then I used buttercream icing and yellow food coloring to made him a real Lego Head, added icing eyes and a mouth! I found Lego candles at Target and at Publix (our local grocery store). Eli and I used chopsticks and electrical tape to made glasses like Eli, but they turned out kinda big and wonky haha
Eli's Lego Birthday Party!
I wrapped all his Legos as Legos ;)
Wrapped Eli's presents ❤ Legos wrapped as Legos haha he'll never guess  well a few are vinyl toys!
It was a really fun day! Our families and friends were over, eating, chatting, playing - it was perfect! 
Water Balloons!!!
Happy 8th year to you sweet boy! :) 

Here's the links to the Lego Birthday Invites & the DiY Lego Goodie Bags!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DiY Lego Birthday Goodie Bags

Lego birthday
We are celebrating Eli's birthday this weekend, so we're getting ready! 
I want Eli to have an appreciation for handmade things and DiY-ing stuff, so I had him help me make birthday goodie bags for the kids that come to the party! 
Here's what we put in the bags:
monkey erasers 
Elias Lego Logo Stickers
We also made Lego People and Lego Brick crayons! Eli LOVED making them! 
Lego Birthday Builder Pack
So that Lego Birthday Kit comes with 10 Lego People and little Official Lego Builder cards, some stickers, a birthday card, thank you cards, and invites, it's totally worth the $19!
DiY Lego Birthday Goodie Bags
I got these Rainbow Happy Birthday bags on super sale at Target, they weren't Lego, so we made them Lego! I printed out this Lego head I created in photoshop onto sticker paper, cut em out and Eli put them on the bags! Tada Lego Bags!
Eli making Lego Bags
DiY Lego Birthday Goodie Bags
I decided to print the Lego Head smaller on card stock for cupcake toppers! 
Lego birthday
Now the best for last! This was/is Eli's favorite! 
A few years ago I made Valentine Heart Crayons. I used a metal mold then.
The Lego molds are silicone, so I had to do things a little different (not much though). We had the Lego People mold for ice, I think I got it free on awhile back. You can buy them there or on Amazon - Here's both for sale!
To start I used the exacto knife and sliced down the crayon wrappers because they are VERY hard to peel!! Trust me! So Eli took the wrappers off and broke the crayons into pieces. 
Lego birthday
Then he put them into the silicone molds. We put the silicone molds on a cookie sheet, and then set the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  I set the timer for about 6 mins and kept a close eye on them!
We let them cool and harden for about an hour.
They turned out pretty darn awesome! 
lego brick crayons
We put them in little baggies so they wouldn't mark anything else in the goodie bags and sealed them with a sticker! Eli wants to make more! :) 
Lego People Crayons
DiY Lego Crayons
We are still working on the Lego piñata we build, and we have a few more things to make!
 I'll share them with you all as people finish them! :) 
Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for the party! 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is coming up! How about a Father's Day gift built by my dad!?! :)
Best Handmade Father's Day Gift Idea
(click on the photo above to see the shop!)
He builds beautiful Wooden Adirondack Chairs, which are for sale in my etsy shop right now! 
Now if you aren't local we'll need to talk about shipping, but I have a great freight company! Just message me via etsy if you are not in the sunshine state; Florida! If you are local, you can pickup at our print shop in Tampa or we can deliver! :) 
Larry Farley

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Handmade Love

My pal Ashley from Under Those Neon Lights makes some very awesome bracelets! 
You may remember an old post about the first bracelet I bought from her, well now the whole gang has them! There are just the best! Here is her Etsy shop - you need one or two! :)
Today I wore all my bracelets Eli Style, meaning I wore ALL my bracelets at once (me top photo, Eli bottom photo). Olivia had Ashley make her and I BFF bracelets! Gray, white, pink, and yellow! I love them! Ashley also sent Eli a very special bracelet - made my heart melt! 
You may remember Eli makes and sells crocheted bracelets, so he and Ashley are like souls ;) 
Underthoseneonlights beaded bracelets
Underthoseneonlights beaded bracelets
So go check out Under Those Neon Lights Etsy Shop and Blog
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's the little things.....

.......that make my days so bright! 
Brian was pressure washing the pool area and house, he told me to look out the window - 
He pressure washed I LOVE BECK on the drive way! Melt my heart into a zillion pieces! 
I sure do love him! :) 
 someone was pressure washing
My sweet friend's daughter wrote me a Thank You note and made me a bracelet! 
I told her I'm never taking it off! :) What an awesome kid!! 
She made Eli one too! Completely made my day!
best ever.
Hahaha  #blythe #pacman
Now hahaha this is a little thing that cracks my up! I built a paper blythe size Ms. Pacman Arcade cabinet! hahaha Brian loved it too! ;)

Now what little things brighten your days? :) 
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lego Birthday Invites

Eli asked for a Lego Birthday, so we started with invitations! 
So we brainstormed! We looked through Pinterest and Eli decided he wanted to make a lego 8!
Lego Birthday Invitations
The I found the Lego font - which had to be manipulated a LOT, luckily my friends at our office are design savvy - it was tricky! If you use it, you'll need to make the font black, add a yellow stroke, rasterize the font, copy the layer (not sure if this is 100% necessary) then select the inside of the letters and then fill (shift F5) with white! Hahaha kinda a pain but it looked just like the Lego logo!
Lego Birthday Invitations
Lego Birthday Invitations
I told Eli to build a Lego Eli and the above photo is what he came up with - Harry Potter's face for the glasses and wielding two lightsabers!! Obviously! 
Building his Lego 8  #legos #lego
He made the Lego 8 and he wanted to to be red and blue! 
He's pretty stoked abt his Lego birthday ❤
I made Eli Lego logo stickers! We used them to seal the envelopes, but I printed extra for him to have and stick everywhere! Oh I should add that I am so so lucky to be able to print all the invitations at our print shop; Sonic Print!  I am very stoked I don't have to go to kinko's and pay an arm and a leg! 
Lego Birthday Invitations
So now we are working on the Lego Block Piñata! We're building it from boxes and tissue paper! 
Do you by chance have any other Lego Birthday ideas? Leave them in the comments! :)
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Cactus & Succulents DiY

I like to receive handmade gifts, so I try to give them too! 
So this Mother's Day I let Eli pick out cacti and succulents for his grandma and the ladies in my family! 
They turned out cute! I got bright pots, special cactus soil, and tada!
Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts
Eli picked out out this one spider-web looking succulent for our house.
Mother's Day GiftsMother's Day Gifts
Last year Eli and I made a No Kill Garden hahaha - all cactus and succulents - very difficult to kill!
They are all still alive this year! Amazing! I am NOT a gardener - I kill most plants, but not these guys! 
Eli and I repotted our cacti and succulents last night. They needed it, they were looking sad! #cactus #succulents
Look how pretty they are! 
Eli & me replanted these last weekend-I think they're doing better. Shockingly none of them died since last summer! Look at us and our green thumbs  #succulents

Didn't replant these, they should probably go in bigger pots. Anyone have any advice for us? #succulents #cactus
My aunt breaks off pieces of her plants and gives them to us and they grow great! 
These is our only new guy, I let Eli pick one when we went to get new soil. #succulents #succulent
These are great gardens for brown thumbs and kids!
Not a lot to them, but they sure are bright and colorful! 
Do you have a No Kill Garden? :) 
I'd love to see photos! 
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mama's Day!

Happy Mother's Day
Happiest Mother's Day to all you ladies out there who make the world go round! :)
I am so so lucky to have such wonderful women in my life, I am who I am because of them (hahaha hopefully they think that's a compliment). 
HAPPY Maggles Day
The top left photo is me and my Maggles (name nick for our sweet mama) dressed up like vampires for Halloween! She's such a good sport when it comes to my crazy ideas! I love her so! 
The middle photo is Brian and his mom - it metals my heart! I am very thankful to have her as a 
mom-in-law -mom-in-love! :)
And the right one is my mom and Mickey! She sure does love that rotten pup! She keeps him during the week for me so he doesn't have to be alone at our house while were at work! 

So Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms and amazing women who make our worlds go round! We are so lucky to have you! 

Oh and tomorrow I'll show you what Eli and I put together for Mother's Day!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Support Equal Love

I'm angry today that there's voting going on to decide if people can love one another. It's completely crazy! If you agree repost this =love I made! It's so important! #equalLOVE
I'm angry today that there's voting going on to decide if people can love one another. 
I'm sick over it. It's completely crazy! 
I have two great aunts, who have been together since they were very young, they love one another, they have a home together, they are each others life, but because the government says it is illegal for them to marry one another. They have no say in each others health decisions if one is ill, they will not receive the others life insurance or pension. That's ridiculous!

As a teenager I never believed marriage was important, I thought it was a silly old ritual that was out dated and based on rotten religion and ownership of women. Haha then I saw how in love my parents were, I LOVED going through their wedding photos, then I realized that is what I wanted in life; someone to go through life with - side by side - a team - a fellow adventurer! 
Then Brian proposed, gave me a ring, and now we get to be married! Walk down an aisle together with our friends and family watching.......and the government says it's all ok because he's a boy and I'm girl. 
What about my great aunts who have spend over 50 years together? I'm so frustrated and so sad.

I wish love and happiness for EVERYONE. 
And I believe we have no right to vote on love, it's not a matter of gay or straight! We are all human.
Carpooling ❤
Everyone should be treated equal - period. END OF STORY.


Help spread the =LOVE

I shouldn't have to write this, but if you don't have anything nice to say (in the comments) 
then please don't say anything at all. Thank you. 
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Cinco de Mayo

We decided to clean off the dining room table (normally it's full of crafts and lego - I like to call it "having character" rather than a mess ;)), and Eli made some decorations and we cooked a Cinco de Mayo feast! Chicken and shrimp tacos, Mexican Cokes, and Lauren and I "made" sangria - meaning we poured a sangria bottle into a pitch and put cut up fruit in it haha! 3 sips later I was feeling silly ;)
 Eli's decorations were awesome! I gave him tissue paper and scissors and let him go to town!
He LOVES stapling things-so this was perfect for him! Pretty huh!?

may 5th
may 5th
Obviously I had to take a Blythe photo, because this mini piñata was perfectly Blythe size haha! ;) 
Happy cinco de mayo
After dinner we went outside for the Super Moon!! It was suppose to be 35% bright and 14% bigger than usual, but honestly there wasn't a huge difference - STILL amazing and beautiful!!! 

super moon

Eli's been keeping a moon journal for school so he was really into it, which makes me happy! In our family the moon is a big deal - I love getting text from my dad reminding me of awesome moon events!  The moon is something very important to Bri and I - sweet memories! :)
may 5th
So we all took turns checking out the moon through the telescope. 
may 5th
Eli howled at the moon - like any young pup would do ;)
Werewolves of palm harbor
We went in and build Harry Potter Legos the rest of the night - it was a perfect day!
Building Hagrid's House!
Lauren built Hagrid's Hut and I put together Hogwart's Castle!
Lauren made Hagrid's Hut last night  I loooove the evil pumpkins and mushrooms the most!!
I may almost be 30, but I could put Legos together ALL day!
This is what I've done today haha
Do you all do anything special for Cinco de Mayo? 
Have any Mexican Cokes? :)
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