Monday, May 14, 2012

Cactus & Succulents DiY

I like to receive handmade gifts, so I try to give them too! 
So this Mother's Day I let Eli pick out cacti and succulents for his grandma and the ladies in my family! 
They turned out cute! I got bright pots, special cactus soil, and tada!
Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts
Eli picked out out this one spider-web looking succulent for our house.
Mother's Day GiftsMother's Day Gifts
Last year Eli and I made a No Kill Garden hahaha - all cactus and succulents - very difficult to kill!
They are all still alive this year! Amazing! I am NOT a gardener - I kill most plants, but not these guys! 
Eli and I repotted our cacti and succulents last night. They needed it, they were looking sad! #cactus #succulents
Look how pretty they are! 
Eli & me replanted these last weekend-I think they're doing better. Shockingly none of them died since last summer! Look at us and our green thumbs  #succulents

Didn't replant these, they should probably go in bigger pots. Anyone have any advice for us? #succulents #cactus
My aunt breaks off pieces of her plants and gives them to us and they grow great! 
These is our only new guy, I let Eli pick one when we went to get new soil. #succulents #succulent
These are great gardens for brown thumbs and kids!
Not a lot to them, but they sure are bright and colorful! 
Do you have a No Kill Garden? :) 
I'd love to see photos! 
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Sara Stoff said...

I NEED a no kill garden. I have a black thumb. Plants die when I just look at them.

Dez said...

Those are really cute! What a great idea! I also love the little garden gnomes you added in. Great post!

Velma said...

how awesome!! I have an aloe plant that I got 3 years ago that is SOMEHOW still alive!!!! I always forget to water it!!!! I need to try some of these cacti!!!

Rachael said...

I use the use of the gnomes! I have a bad history of accidentally killing cactus [I know - they are seriously hard to kill off but I've managed it!]

Ernie said...

Great job! My mother would love those little garden gnomes you added in hehe.

Kris said...

You guys could def do some herbs! Basil grows like a weed. Mmmm

Charis said...

Love cacti... should definitely get some to solve my no plants problem...