Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DiY Lego Birthday Goodie Bags

Lego birthday
We are celebrating Eli's birthday this weekend, so we're getting ready! 
I want Eli to have an appreciation for handmade things and DiY-ing stuff, so I had him help me make birthday goodie bags for the kids that come to the party! 
Here's what we put in the bags:
monkey erasers 
Elias Lego Logo Stickers
We also made Lego People and Lego Brick crayons! Eli LOVED making them! 
Lego Birthday Builder Pack
So that Lego Birthday Kit comes with 10 Lego People and little Official Lego Builder cards, some stickers, a birthday card, thank you cards, and invites, it's totally worth the $19!
DiY Lego Birthday Goodie Bags
I got these Rainbow Happy Birthday bags on super sale at Target, they weren't Lego, so we made them Lego! I printed out this Lego head I created in photoshop onto sticker paper, cut em out and Eli put them on the bags! Tada Lego Bags!
Eli making Lego Bags
DiY Lego Birthday Goodie Bags
I decided to print the Lego Head smaller on card stock for cupcake toppers! 
Lego birthday
Now the best for last! This was/is Eli's favorite! 
A few years ago I made Valentine Heart Crayons. I used a metal mold then.
The Lego molds are silicone, so I had to do things a little different (not much though). We had the Lego People mold for ice, I think I got it free on awhile back. You can buy them there or on Amazon - Here's both for sale!
To start I used the exacto knife and sliced down the crayon wrappers because they are VERY hard to peel!! Trust me! So Eli took the wrappers off and broke the crayons into pieces. 
Lego birthday
Then he put them into the silicone molds. We put the silicone molds on a cookie sheet, and then set the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  I set the timer for about 6 mins and kept a close eye on them!
We let them cool and harden for about an hour.
They turned out pretty darn awesome! 
lego brick crayons
We put them in little baggies so they wouldn't mark anything else in the goodie bags and sealed them with a sticker! Eli wants to make more! :) 
Lego People Crayons
DiY Lego Crayons
We are still working on the Lego piñata we build, and we have a few more things to make!
 I'll share them with you all as people finish them! :) 
Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for the party! 
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Dez said...

Those are really cute! Have lots of fun!!!

Sway said...

Becky- you are a superstar!! It all looks incredible!
I love that you get Eli so involved in DIY & craft - it's such a fantastic thing to do with him and to nurture his creativity like that deserves a gold star!
Good luck with the rest of the party planning! Hoping the party is his favourite yet :)
Huge luv,
Shann xxxx

Amber said...

I wish we could be there!!! It is going to be a great party! Great job on the party bags Eli!! The crayons turned out great! XOXO

The Fancy Lady said...

becky everything looks so fun!
you should be a party planner your always put together such creative parties

Amy {I Am Adorkable} said...

I second the party planner idea! Amazing, all of it!

Velma said...

LOVE THIS!!! I want to make the crayons!!! I think I'm going to convince my son to let us do this for his Birthday!

~kjirsten~ said...

That is absolutely fantastic!!!! What a birthday to remember!

mags said...

Becky and Eli, those crayons are great! What fun you must have had making them! Can't wait for Saturday! I love you both!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

soo cute!!

Lauren said...

Just the kids are getting these? Crap...I was really hoping to score one of these awesome goody bags ;)

Danielle ~ A Stash Addict said...

So Awesome!! Wish you were my mum!! lol xx

Miranda said...

I love how you took some plain old party bag and easily turned it into a lego one. The crayons are awesome. I love finding cute ice cube trays and using them for fancy crayon making. He's going to love his party.

I bet making a lego cake wouldn't be too bad. 6 cupcakes - cut off the tops and then put them on a rectangle cake would make a huge lego piece. Do you have cake ideas already though?

amber stackle said...

omg so adorable..I wish colorado wasn't so far away because then I would invite myself to the party. :)

Barnicles said...

these are oh so awesome! i'm blown away but your imagination and motivation to do so much! :)


Alexandra Rolfe said...

Wow. Those Lego crayon look really cool.

~ Alexandra Rolfe ~

Marlene Detierro said...

This is such an amazing tutorial! Now, one can easily make gift bags by themselves. I will surely try to make it this weekend.

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