Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eli's Lego Birthday Party!

Eli's Lego Birthday Party!
This weekend we celebrated Eli's 8th birthday! Lego Style! ;)
He seemed pretty stoked about everything, which made me super stoked!
He said his favorite part of the decorations was the straw and utensil holders made of legos hahaha! Oh and the Lego Crayons we made together for the goodie bags!
Happy 8th Birthday Eli!
He was one happy kiddo! 
DiY Lego Birthday Party
I used the Lego Head I made to make straw and cupcake toppers.
Eli and I made that green Lego Brick piƱata! Though we built it too strong hahaha and no one could bust it, so the kids ripped it open! We used real Legos to build the straw and utensil holders. I used these candy molds to make Lego Brick candies. Oh I made 2 cakes and cupcakes haha I got nervous the Lego Head Cake wasn't going to turn out, so I needed back up! I made a blue Lego Brick Cake with a bread pan and mini cupcakes! But luckily the Lego Head Cake did turn out! :)
This is how I made the Lego Head cake! 
My aunt bought me the Williams Sonoma Donut Cake Pan for Christmas, so I used that for the top and bottom of the head, then I used two regular size cake pans for the middle! Because the Donut Pans are a bit smaller than the normal cake pans, I just trimmed them down with a knife and used the trimmings for the top of the Lego Head! Then I used buttercream icing and yellow food coloring to made him a real Lego Head, added icing eyes and a mouth! I found Lego candles at Target and at Publix (our local grocery store). Eli and I used chopsticks and electrical tape to made glasses like Eli, but they turned out kinda big and wonky haha
Eli's Lego Birthday Party!
I wrapped all his Legos as Legos ;)
Wrapped Eli's presents ❤ Legos wrapped as Legos haha he'll never guess  well a few are vinyl toys!
It was a really fun day! Our families and friends were over, eating, chatting, playing - it was perfect! 
Water Balloons!!!
Happy 8th year to you sweet boy! :) 

Here's the links to the Lego Birthday Invites & the DiY Lego Goodie Bags!
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Sway said...

Oh Becky! It all turned out so fantastic! I love how big Eli is smiling! You guys are such a fantastic family!!!
Happy (belated) 8th bday, Eli!!!
Luvluv xxxx

Dez said...

Wow! That turned out amazing! Great work, girl! :)

Velma said...

looks AMAZING! Happy Birthday!!!

sdillondesign said...

Everything looks great! Perfect 8th birthday :)

Chris said...

Hi Becky, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Amber said...

Wish I could of been there! It looked like it was a blast! I will say it again....your calling in life is party planning!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!
I know I always say it,
but Becky...