Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lego Birthday Invites

Eli asked for a Lego Birthday, so we started with invitations! 
So we brainstormed! We looked through Pinterest and Eli decided he wanted to make a lego 8!
Lego Birthday Invitations
The I found the Lego font - which had to be manipulated a LOT, luckily my friends at our office are design savvy - it was tricky! If you use it, you'll need to make the font black, add a yellow stroke, rasterize the font, copy the layer (not sure if this is 100% necessary) then select the inside of the letters and then fill (shift F5) with white! Hahaha kinda a pain but it looked just like the Lego logo!
Lego Birthday Invitations
Lego Birthday Invitations
I told Eli to build a Lego Eli and the above photo is what he came up with - Harry Potter's face for the glasses and wielding two lightsabers!! Obviously! 
Building his Lego 8  #legos #lego
He made the Lego 8 and he wanted to to be red and blue! 
He's pretty stoked abt his Lego birthday ❤
I made Eli Lego logo stickers! We used them to seal the envelopes, but I printed extra for him to have and stick everywhere! Oh I should add that I am so so lucky to be able to print all the invitations at our print shop; Sonic Print!  I am very stoked I don't have to go to kinko's and pay an arm and a leg! 
Lego Birthday Invitations
So now we are working on the Lego Block Piñata! We're building it from boxes and tissue paper! 
Do you by chance have any other Lego Birthday ideas? Leave them in the comments! :)
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Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Radder than rad team! What a lucky little lad. Can't wait to see the party preparations :)
toni xo

Dez said...

haha, That is too cool! :)

mags said...

Can't wait!

mags said...

Can't wait!

Whitney Sherrill said...

I can't believe it's been a year since his his last birthday! Geez, it flew by! You're pretty much the best mom ever