Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oldsmar Flea Market Day!

Saturday morning me, Eli, and Olivia went to the Oldsmar Flea Market to hunt for Blythe size stuff! haha! We took two dolls to measure for size - mostly they stayed in our purses. 
Personally I rarely go to Flea Markets, not because I don't love them, because I DO - I'm just prone to being a hoarder so I stay away! I love collecting things - toys, dolls, books, kepis, rocks, STUFF!
SO flea markets and I don't mix!
Going to the flea market w @oliveoh and Eli to find doll stuff! Hahaga #blythe

Biggest snow cone ever
Olivia got Eli a blue flavored snow cone because it was SO HOT! 
Flea markets are no fun in Florida in Spring or Summer! 
OMG! Lol he ate a smurf!
Bye flea market it was fun and weird
The flea market was something haha! 
These are the salt&pepper shakers me & Eli got today. Eli got those tiny glass ones for Bri bc he said they look like grenades haha
Elias and I picked out these salt and pepper shakers, because surprise, surprise I collect salt and pepper shakes ;) We got lambs for Spring/Mickey, little deers because they were cute, I LOVE those little white weird dogs, and Eli got those "tiny grenades" as he called them for Brian! Pretty cute!
Notions ❤ ricrac forever!!
Olivia and I found THE best little flea market sales - she had so many ribbons, notions, ricrac, etc.! 
I was in heaven! I bought a bunch of awesome stuff from her! I bought Eli some craft supplies too!
Making tiny teeny dresses  #blythe #msr #handmade
See I used the little lace on a teeny tiny Blythe dress I made!

The find of the day was this AMAZING 1913 Singer sewing machine Olivia bought! It's beautiful and she got it for a steal!! While she was asking the seller all about it, I googled the make and model ;) She was a great haggler - she got such a deal! She was so stoked! It weighted a ton and she carried it all the way to the car - precious cargo!! Oh and did I mention it works 100%!!!! So great! 
We may do this again this weekend haha! ;) 
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Barnicles said...

Awesome finds! the ric rac especially! :)

i used to have an old eletrical singer but it went poof one day with abit of smoke!

gorgeous wee blythe dress!


Claire said...

That dress you made is so beautiful!
I'd love to go to a flea market and have a good rummage!
One thing I miss about living in Wales is the car boot sales. You could find some amazing things

Velma said...

I love the sewing machine!!! I have my great-grandmother's and it came with a table that it sits in. I still need a place in the house to display it!!

Samantha said...

I think I would have fainted if I saw that sewing machine. It is simply amazing.

Sway said...

Becks - that wee dress is adorable - you are so talented! I love that big dinosaur!! hahaa And those weird dogs are hilarious!
I'm a fellow hoarder.... and flea markets are so hard to resist!! Gaaahhh!

~kjirsten~ said...

Flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales are all hard for me as well I tend to hoard. I love a good deal and anything that is cute and old. :)) that sewing machine that Olivia got is amazing. I collect sewing machines as well. It is awesome that it still works. Score.

Robert Dulaney said...

jealous! such good finds!