Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Support Equal Love

I'm angry today that there's voting going on to decide if people can love one another. It's completely crazy! If you agree repost this =love I made! It's so important! #equalLOVE
I'm angry today that there's voting going on to decide if people can love one another. 
I'm sick over it. It's completely crazy! 
I have two great aunts, who have been together since they were very young, they love one another, they have a home together, they are each others life, but because the government says it is illegal for them to marry one another. They have no say in each others health decisions if one is ill, they will not receive the others life insurance or pension. That's ridiculous!

As a teenager I never believed marriage was important, I thought it was a silly old ritual that was out dated and based on rotten religion and ownership of women. Haha then I saw how in love my parents were, I LOVED going through their wedding photos, then I realized that is what I wanted in life; someone to go through life with - side by side - a team - a fellow adventurer! 
Then Brian proposed, gave me a ring, and now we get to be married! Walk down an aisle together with our friends and family watching.......and the government says it's all ok because he's a boy and I'm girl. 
What about my great aunts who have spend over 50 years together? I'm so frustrated and so sad.

I wish love and happiness for EVERYONE. 
And I believe we have no right to vote on love, it's not a matter of gay or straight! We are all human.
Carpooling ❤
Everyone should be treated equal - period. END OF STORY.


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I shouldn't have to write this, but if you don't have anything nice to say (in the comments) 
then please don't say anything at all. Thank you. 
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The Ninja said...

I couldn't have said this any better myself.

Mindi said...

That about sums it up. It's terribly frustrating. I'm adding this button to my blog now.

Amber said...

Amen Sister! I agree with you 100%! Love this and love you!

misslarissabree said...

Becky I love you. your wonderful

Carrie said...


Sway said...

So happy to read this Becky! I couldn't agree more!!! xxxx

Velma said...

Agreed Becky!! It was horrible when my uncle died and his partner couldn't make any of the "official" decisions for him in the hospital, funeral or for his account. He had to have my grandparents do it all. Thankfully they respected their relationship and asked what he wanted, but still I don't have to go through my in-laws when my husband dies, why should anyone else???

Claire said...


Sway said...

Ps. I shared your =Love button link on my blog! Sharing the love for all xxx

Katie Clady said...

Amen, lady! Thank you for posting this.

Jess Amazing said...

Well said.

Thanks for the image. I'm adding it to my blog right now!

dana @ wonder forest said...

totally agree with you! it's disgusting that people even think they have a right to decide what happens with the lives of people that don't even concern them at all. that there can be laws placed on something as simple and common as love is ridiculous.

xo dana

Samantha said...

Yes, yes, yes. This world needs more love so why should I get to vote on who should be allowed to love?

Deer Donna said...


i am reposting this... and linking back to you...

it's majorly f-ed up that people who are in LOVE cannot get married, no matter WHO they are.

Jim Doran said...

Right on, Becky.

The fact our country worries about this is absurd, given all the other things requiring our attention.

I think the real issue is separation of church and state - the arguments regarding marriage always end in "God say so" or "the bible states..." That has no place in our constitution or laws - America was founded on the idea of freedom - religious and otherwise. Non-Christians shouldn't be bound to what the bible says. None of us should.

BTW: God didn't actually "write" the bible - men did.

Christine said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. <3

Windsor Grace said...

Hey, boo. I totally agree. I was thinking about this earlier today and every time I hear about it makes me want to cry. I don't understand why people think they sit on a throne of morality about this issue.

I'm so sad for your aunts and other gay friends and family.

Check this out, it's an interactive graph on which states support what on this issue. Of course, GA supports nothing. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2012/may/08/gay-rights-united-states?fb=native

Leminh said...

I agree. Marriage should not be a state issue. I find it RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Jodie said...

Agreed x 100!!
And thankyou for being smart enough to accept, and believe that love is love.

It's a big issue here in Australia too, our Prime minister has made statement that she does not agree with same sex marriage, and I feel like it will never be a law turned over, although I do remain hopeful because nobody should ever be able to have such a huge say in what happens in your own life, and in the marriage of two consenting loving people!! It's just ridiculous.
It's one of my wishes that it actually changes, world wide so every same sex couple can marry the one they love :)

I've been engaged for YEARS!! It would be lovely to be able to make it all official, ahh someday.

Robert Dulaney said...

such a sweet and well thought out post <3

amber stackle said...

well said.