Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Happy first day of Summer!! 
We aren't really in the grove of summer yet. It's been rainy and hot!
Slowly but surely we're getting there! :)
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I have SO many craft ideas haha but haven't started any! Hopefully soon!
One of our succulents bloomed! At first I thought it was fake haha #succulents #nofilter
Our succulents bloomed! Beautiful eh? Looks fake almost! 
Starting an 8 bit pacman blanket, this is the first square of a zillion haha
Started an 8bit Pacman afghan, to match the 1up mushroom afghan I made last year! 
Playing with the button maker  trying to figure out some super cute Oh Strumpets designs! #ohstrumpets #buttons
I've been playing with a new button maker. Eli and I both LOVE it! 
How has your Summer been going? 
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Anzouya said...

Well, summer for us (here in Greece) is here already and it's so freaking HOT!!! I'm "on the same page" as you are: "...SO many ideas" but it seems that I can't move a finger! hahaha
What kind of succulent is that? I think I've seen it before, its flowers are kind of velvet or something, right? BEAUTIFUL!
Last year I started making granny squares hoping that eventually they'll be transformed into a granny squares' blanket. Haven't finished OF COURSE but I'm still hoping. :-)
Love your new buttons! Great images!

Mindi said...

Holy cheese balls! I'm in love with your pixelated 1 up mushroom afghan and I can't wait to see the pacman one when you finish! I've been talking about making my first granny square blanket by the end of the year, but I think this is wayyyy better! If I do something like it I'll let you know!

Sway said...

Cute buttons, Becks!! (why does that sound dirty to me?) haha!
Did you get mr reply on IG - that gorgeous succulent is a Rope Hoya! Success! Mum is giving me a cutting of hers now too haha. She's grumpy that hers hasn't bloomed (after I showed her your pic)!

Whitney Sherrill said...

Love those buttons, lady!

Enwelle said...

this buttons are so so cute <3

Robert Dulaney said...

the new mollie is out?! must go shopping! i have a button maker, but need to buy the button-y bits for it.