Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Father's Day

We had a good day yesterday!
Eli gave Brian the present he has been working on - Emperor (apple)Palpatine hahahaha!
I gave him some craft books to look through and told him to pick something to make for his dad.
He went with the Starwars Craft book of course ;)
Pretty creepy and cute eh?!
And he made Brian an awesome Pacman and Pacboy card!
Happy Father's Day  this is what Eli made for Bri hahaha that's emperor (apple)palpatine his head a dried out apple haha
We made Challah French Toast (our favorite) for breakfast and played some games in the morning.
Then the Farley family came over for some tasty BBQ!
This is our attempted at a Father's Day photo hahaha - I just took it with the iPad haha
Farley family Father's day photo
This is a special card Mickey made for my dad ;) 
BFF4LIFE! hahaha! perfect!
My dad got a Father's day card from Mickey hahaha  besties 4 life!

It was a wonderful day with the two best dads I know! I am so so thankful for them both! 
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