Friday, June 29, 2012

Paper People by Mab Graves

I love paper dolls, so much so I think we are going to have them as our wedding cake topper!
Here's my past paper people-here and here and here 
I've wanted these ladies from Mab Graves Etsy Shop for awhile.
I do love paper dolls. These lovelies are by the very talented/Blythe loving Mab Graves ❤ @laurenmf13 we should be siamese twins for Halloween :) deal, deal!
Pretty great right! 
The siamese twins remind me of Daisy and Violet from Freaks (one of my most favorite movies)! 
I told my sister we should be siamese twins next Halloween! Our family already dressed up as 1930 Circus Freaks a few years back, but we should definitely do it 6 more times ;) 
Here's all the photos from that Halloween! My mom was the ring leader, my dad was the bearded lady (BEST), I was half man, half lady, Lauren was the tattooed lady, and Danny was the dog faced boy!
Ahh all this Halloween talk is making me wish it was October! Halloween is my christmas! ;) 
It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!
Framed my paper dolls and the 3 little ones reminded me of @laurenmf13 @drfdtf & me :) and I wanted them to have one! @mabgraves ❤
I also got these Mad Graves greeting cards called The Siblings. Well these were way too perfect for Danny, Lauren, and I. They make me smile! Look at the little misfits - the boy with the plague mask is my favorite! I found little black frames ($5.00 then 50% off at Joann's) and frame the 3 cards and gave them to the siblings. Go check out Mab Grave's Etsy Shop I think you'll fall in love!
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Jen said...

These are wonderful!! I'm heading to her Etsy shop now. <3

Sway said...

So beautiful! I saw her stuff on my Etsy feed (I think it was from you!) and fell in love with it! So lovely!
Have seen her Blythes on her Flickr - they are so you!

Sway said...
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