Friday, June 15, 2012

Teddy, the bear

You know what I love most about craft blogging? All the other craft bloggers and becoming such good friends with them! I'm very lucky to have met Velma from Made by Velma via craft blogging! It's crazy to find people so similar to you! She has her family she loves so much, they craft together, they LOVE legos, go on little adventures, promote nerdiness - they are wonderful!!
Velma has a daughter the same age as Eli and they'd written each other letters and made each other bracelets - it's pretty darn cute! Well for Eli's birthday, we got this beautifully decorated box in the mail from Kira and Velma! 
Oh @velmam you are so wonderful!! He LOVES it! Thank you so much, you are such a good (internet haha) friend!
Not only was the box awesome, but inside the box was this perfect little blue bear with a party hat!
Eli was STOKED! 
Teddy, the bear!
That night he wanted to Instagram his new bear, which he named Teddy, the travel assistant bear (I have NO idea where the travel assistant thing came from hahaha) so I let him! ;) 
@velmam he wanted to show you Teddy and us  he's killing me with his cuteness!
And the next day Teddy went everywhere with us! Lunch, Target, the airport, Rita's, etc.
Teddy, the bear!
Eli also used my Canon to take this photo- he wants to "do photography" he told me! 
Teddy was his first subject! :) 
Thank you Velma and Kira! You guys are THE best! Handmade gifts are the best gifts!

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Velma said...

AWE!!!! I love Eli's pictures!!! Maybe Teddy is just the inspiration for photography! He has an artistic eye :)

I'm so glad y'all love the gift!! I can't wait for Kira to see the extra goodies you and Olivia sent for her on Sunday!!!

marci said...

Kira is such a great artist. I still have drawings she has given me. I love them. :-)

Carol Anne said...

Teddy is so cute!!

I have the same throw pillows on my couch as in the last photo! :)

Charis said...

Oh, Eli's teddy is too cute, what a lucky lad!