Monday, July 30, 2012

Pacman Birthday Take2

Last week I was bummed I didn't give Brian a proper birthday party, so Friday afternoon Eli and I quickly decorated the house and baked a Pacman cake for Brian before he got home from work! 
We got all the decorations we took to GA (and didn't use) and put them up! 
Pacman Birthday take2
We got all our Pacman goodies out! 
We made tacos too! Brian was coincidentally wearing his Pacman ghost tee ;) 
Eli LOVES coincidences like these!
brians bday
It was a wonderful night! 
We watched Willy Wonka (the real one) to finish the night! Super wonderful!
Eli's birthday gift to bri
Had to share these two little guys - Eli gave them to Brian for his birthday! I think they are pretty stink'n cute! Bri put them up in his office and Eli was stoked! :)
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Star Wars Quilt by Eli!

This kid. Is the best :)
Boy crafter
We were at the local quilt shop, Rainbow's End and the lady mentioned she just got Star Wars fabric. Eli raced to the direction she pointed! haha He came back with all 3 Star Wars fabrics- he was going to make a quilt! And that is just what we did when we got home! He went to town! 
StarWars Quilt in the making
He picked out the board fabric and the center pieces (I used the rotary cutter bc he tried but he's still go small) I had the green fabric, which he thought looked like lightsabers ;)  he did all this in two days! 
We went on vacation, so it's not finished yet, but the whole top is finished! 
Star Wars quilt by Eli!
He picked out some black fabric with tiny teeny stars for the backside! 
I have to tell you it is VERY awesome! :)
I can't wait to show you the completed quilt!  
I told him, I've started LOTS of quilts - LOTS! but I've only finished one completely - his quilt
And here is my quilt set on Flickr if you wanna take a peek!
Boy Crafter 4Life!!!!!! 
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pacman Birthday Party

I had this great idea for Brian's birthday, but we were going out of town. So I tried to take the birthday with us, but it did NOT work out. I made all the decorations on photoshop, printed them at the wonderful Sonic Print, cut them, glued them, totally was a mad woman haha.
The Pacman Birthday Card went well haha
I made the card in photoshop, but I wanted to add something special to it, so I made Pacman's mouth open and close with a small brad - I made the two little ghosts orange and blue for eli and me! :)
Pacman Birthday card DIY
I had so many cupcake topper (which never actually got used) I decided to make all my craft buds' kiddos a Pacman Memory Card Game! 
I actually made a few extra and I'm thinking about adding them to the shop! :)
Pacman Memory Game Paper
We wrapped Brian's gifts in a Surprise Love Ball obviously Pacman shape and style! :) 
pacman gift ball
I just used tissue paper and yellow paper streamers to make the ball around his little gifts! 
pacman gifts
We found Pacman the board game on ebay a few months back and wrapped it up in yellow paper and used cute colored tape from Target to tell Bri how much we looooove him! :)
Tape decorating
I found all this awesome colored tape at Target! Pretty good price for all these colors 
- I was sold right away ;)
Target Tape
I made a banner using the Pacman font on dafont! I made ghost paper streamers by taking an 11x17 and cutting the ghosts into strips then taping the strips together on the short ends, making one very long line of ghosts (didn't get used).
Birthday Pacman Decorations
Here's the banner hung up during on trip haha and if you look you can barely make out Brian's name on the banner around the light- I was super bummed, but whatever haha
Happy Birthday!
I also made a Pacman Piñata, found tiny hand held pinball games, found gold chocolate coined to be the tokens for the birthday arcade (I was super proud of this idea ;)), I made a ton of cupcake ghost toppers because I had an awesome cake Pacman Cake idea, but I didn't get to do those things. I feel like I gave Brian a half birthday :( it wasn't awesome. It was weirdly rushed, I wish I could hit rewind.
Pinball <3
The night before we left Eli left Bri's gift he picked out, out in the living room all Santa like :) It was pretty darn cute! Eli wrote him a sweet note and a funny note from Mickey haha! We found this old toy Pinball game in an antique shop in Tarpon Springs - it was on sale and it was SO perfect! Brian and Eli are going to get it working again-together!
Pacman Quilt
I started a Pixelated Pacman Quilt for Brian-I still have a ways to go, but it is much faster than last years 1up Mushroom crocheted blanket haha
Becky Farley Pacman Pinterest
Here were all my Pacman Idea Pins on Pinterest! I really love that Pacman skirt-too cute! Oh and I have those Pacman cookie cutters! I use them to make Brian breakfast - see!!
Pacman breakfast for my guy :) I've mastered that egg in the middle thing -leaving the yolk uncooked (I think it's nasty, I like my eggs scrambled and burnt)
Well there you go hahaha that was kinda a whiney post - sorry about that! But I just feel weird and not complete when I can't finish something I started!! Oh well! 
Here's a few of our Pacman photos on Flickr and all our Gamer Love on Flickr :) enjoy!
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Monday, July 23, 2012

back from vacation!

vacation crafting
Brian, Eli, and I went to Lake Lanier last week!
Lake Lanier is so nice compared to Florida lakes haha NO GATORS! I was in heaven - I did a lot of wakeboarding (though I wish I could have done more!)!
I also got to do some actual crafting!! Crazy talk I know! But I sewed more of my Graveyard Quilt together and I started a new granny square blanket! Pretty productive vacation! 
Oh and I got to meet Whitney from Heart so Much (you may know her from Knit in Public) in real life!! She was completely awesome!! :) I was so so stoked to hang out with her and her little love Chico! I really LOVE meeting my interweb friends - it's always great because we have things in common to begin with-Whitney was as sweet as can be! Can't wait to show you photos! :) 
Be back shortly with Lake Lanier Love! 
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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Love's Birthday!

Oh Brian <3
Happiest Birthday to you my heart! It's gonna be a good one! 
So happy to grow old and grey with you......................think of all the adventures!
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Paper Beck & Bri

I LOVE paper crafts and we are printers, so I thought Paper Beck & Bri wedding cake toppers would be the best idea ever!! I'm in LOVE with these Beck&Bri paper dolls by Dubrovskaya on etsy
Paper Beck bride and Brian Groom
Brian loved them too, which made me completely stoked! 
Becky And Brian Paper Dolls
I'm pretty excited about these! 
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Cupcakes

Today's the US's bday! 
I love a good theme (don't get this confused with blind patriotism haha-that's not me) so I decided I'd made some cute cupcakes! I remembered I had some gold pipe cleaners from Eli's Spy birthday
I thought little gold stars would be a cute cupcake topper. I had to draw out the star and then I bent the pipe cleaner over it so I could get a good looking star. I just twisted the ends closed.
I had some paper straws, which I cut in half and then hot glued to the stars. So many stars - that's patriotic right? haha The gold stars also reminded me of fireworks-my favorite!
(ps is it symbolic that America's favorite bday activity was created by the Chinese-those sneaky Chinese! Yikes!) 
Tada! Red, white, and blue starry cupcakes! 

I hope you have fun today, eat lots of BBQ, hang out with friends and family or just relax! :)

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mickey's New Do

My friends have been yarn dying lately, and that gave me an idea! Dye Mickey with koolaid! 
mickey is pinky
We had mostly red koolaid (I'm pretty sure I had the koolaid for dying yarn because we don't drink it). 
So Eli and I filled up a tub with water and used 5 packets of koolaid!
Yarn dying?
Mickey didn't mind it! I had to stop him from drink it haha! 
As kids we were boil water then add koolaid, then put our hair in it - always turned out to be a mess of course, but it was fun!

pinky our puppy!! Puppy dying! (Eli and I are more red than Mickey)
Look at Mickey! He's going for the Ombré look ;)
Ombré? That's what it's called right? Mickey is fancy
Look at Pinky Mickey! Turned out pretty cute! 
He's sitting like a little chicken haha little pink chicken

Here are some old photos of Mickey's dos!
Blue was for the 4th of July last year, Black & Orange for Halloween, ROY G BiV for Lauren's bday, and green for St. Patty's Day haha! I used food coloring for these! 
Maybe he needs a little blue for tomorrow's celebration! ;) 
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Monday, July 2, 2012

our wedding plans

I've been pinning my heart out on Pinterest haha! Here are some updated pins! 
Here are a few wedding post from the past -here, here,  here, and here! 
Look at these fantastic Letterpress Necklaces by modkee on Etsy! My best bud, Kris, found them and I LOVE them! They couldn't be more perfect - we have a print company and fondness for antique letterpresses! Perfect!
photo 1
So about a year ago my sister, Lauren, told me about this spot and with work and everything I never called, but this summer I'm working from home more so I've had more time to actually plan our wedding! Well I called and we went to see it and it is EXACTLY what we've been looking for!!! It's total old Florida, big open fields, beautiful trees, an open pavilion, ac bathrooms (SO important), perfect spot for a circus TENT,  just perfect! Shoulda called sooner hahaha! ;) 
photo 2

So needless to say Brian and I are VERY stoked about the wedding! :) 
I made a Wedding Plans Flickr set, take a look!
And here are past post!

If you have any ideas for us, please comment! :) We'd love to hear em! 
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Paper Crafts

This month's Go Scout Creative's July Paper Calendar is so darn cute! 
It's a kitty pool ;) 
We've been trying to teach Eli what a pun is, so this is kinda perfect! 
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
The kitty looks like our aunt's new kitty Jasper!
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
The pool rules are my FAVORITE part hahaha -NO yarn and NO dogs!
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
Go download and print yours! 
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
I was in a paper craft mood, so I built this Cuckoo Clock by Fantastic Toys
Isn't it so stink'n cute!?
Paper Cuckoo Clock
I love the pink pinecones! 
Paper Clock Cuckoo
Go check out the Fantastic Toy site! There's so many awesome printables! 
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