Monday, July 23, 2012

back from vacation!

vacation crafting
Brian, Eli, and I went to Lake Lanier last week!
Lake Lanier is so nice compared to Florida lakes haha NO GATORS! I was in heaven - I did a lot of wakeboarding (though I wish I could have done more!)!
I also got to do some actual crafting!! Crazy talk I know! But I sewed more of my Graveyard Quilt together and I started a new granny square blanket! Pretty productive vacation! 
Oh and I got to meet Whitney from Heart so Much (you may know her from Knit in Public) in real life!! She was completely awesome!! :) I was so so stoked to hang out with her and her little love Chico! I really LOVE meeting my interweb friends - it's always great because we have things in common to begin with-Whitney was as sweet as can be! Can't wait to show you photos! :) 
Be back shortly with Lake Lanier Love! 
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Windsor Grace said...

I didn't know you were also making a quilt! And I can't believe how much crocheting you got done :)

Velma said...

best kind of vacation!
I'm hoping to get a lot done at the beach this weekend!!

winkieflash said...

Welcome back! Man, I hope I get as much done in my vacation as you have! (secretly, I'm hoping for bad weather, so I can sit inside all day and knit/crochet :P)

Robert Dulaney said...

i think i need to take a craft-cation very soon!