Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Paper Crafts

This month's Go Scout Creative's July Paper Calendar is so darn cute! 
It's a kitty pool ;) 
We've been trying to teach Eli what a pun is, so this is kinda perfect! 
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
The kitty looks like our aunt's new kitty Jasper!
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
The pool rules are my FAVORITE part hahaha -NO yarn and NO dogs!
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
Go download and print yours! 
July Scout Creative Paper Calendar
I was in a paper craft mood, so I built this Cuckoo Clock by Fantastic Toys
Isn't it so stink'n cute!?
Paper Cuckoo Clock
I love the pink pinecones! 
Paper Clock Cuckoo
Go check out the Fantastic Toy site! There's so many awesome printables! 
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Claire said...

That clock is so adorable!

Sway said...

Oh snap! I made my little calender from Scout this morning! I am in luurrve with that cute cuckoo - I'm heading over there now!
Luvluv xxxx

Deer Donna said...

argh i love the clock! so cute!!!

Robert Dulaney said...

The cuckoo clock is just perfect! I need to get printer,ink!

knitting patterns for babies said...

The clock indeed is so adorable! At the second picture, it looks like just a box with illustrations. Without the first picture above, I wouldn’t have noticed the cuckoo! I was impressed, so creative. Nice.