Monday, July 2, 2012

our wedding plans

I've been pinning my heart out on Pinterest haha! Here are some updated pins! 
Here are a few wedding post from the past -here, here,  here, and here! 
Look at these fantastic Letterpress Necklaces by modkee on Etsy! My best bud, Kris, found them and I LOVE them! They couldn't be more perfect - we have a print company and fondness for antique letterpresses! Perfect!
photo 1
So about a year ago my sister, Lauren, told me about this spot and with work and everything I never called, but this summer I'm working from home more so I've had more time to actually plan our wedding! Well I called and we went to see it and it is EXACTLY what we've been looking for!!! It's total old Florida, big open fields, beautiful trees, an open pavilion, ac bathrooms (SO important), perfect spot for a circus TENT,  just perfect! Shoulda called sooner hahaha! ;) 
photo 2

So needless to say Brian and I are VERY stoked about the wedding! :) 
I made a Wedding Plans Flickr set, take a look!
And here are past post!

If you have any ideas for us, please comment! :) We'd love to hear em! 
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Claire said...

Love the theme!
It all sounds amazing! Can't wait to see it!

I BLEED PINK said...

I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to see it all come together.

Torrie said...

Ah I can't wait to see your wedding come together! It's going to be so great! =)

Sarah Brown said...

Oh my goodness I would die to be able to photograph a wedding in a location like that, the trees with the moss! Sooo pretty!

Deer Donna said...

Yay!!! Your wedding matches our wedding!!

Except we couldn't find a circus tent so we are having the reception in a big old hall :)

We are getting hitched in October 2013.. When's your big day?

Windsor Grace said...

That place looks amazing, and those trees! I had some friends get married in Florida that look similar

John said...
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Robert Dulaney said...

so fun and colorful! i'm sure it will be amazing!!!!

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Kelly said...

I love Pinterest! I was engaged about two months ago and have been grabbing numerous ideas from there. I actually found a company that will write a song specifically for my wedding day! I love things personalized and things to be one of a kind. We are actually in the process of ordering personalized wedding bands , which is super exciting. I can not wait to be married!