Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pacman Birthday Party

I had this great idea for Brian's birthday, but we were going out of town. So I tried to take the birthday with us, but it did NOT work out. I made all the decorations on photoshop, printed them at the wonderful Sonic Print, cut them, glued them, totally was a mad woman haha.
The Pacman Birthday Card went well haha
I made the card in photoshop, but I wanted to add something special to it, so I made Pacman's mouth open and close with a small brad - I made the two little ghosts orange and blue for eli and me! :)
Pacman Birthday card DIY
I had so many cupcake topper (which never actually got used) I decided to make all my craft buds' kiddos a Pacman Memory Card Game! 
I actually made a few extra and I'm thinking about adding them to the shop! :)
Pacman Memory Game Paper
We wrapped Brian's gifts in a Surprise Love Ball obviously Pacman shape and style! :) 
pacman gift ball
I just used tissue paper and yellow paper streamers to make the ball around his little gifts! 
pacman gifts
We found Pacman the board game on ebay a few months back and wrapped it up in yellow paper and used cute colored tape from Target to tell Bri how much we looooove him! :)
Tape decorating
I found all this awesome colored tape at Target! Pretty good price for all these colors 
- I was sold right away ;)
Target Tape
I made a banner using the Pacman font on dafont! I made ghost paper streamers by taking an 11x17 and cutting the ghosts into strips then taping the strips together on the short ends, making one very long line of ghosts (didn't get used).
Birthday Pacman Decorations
Here's the banner hung up during on trip haha and if you look you can barely make out Brian's name on the banner around the light- I was super bummed, but whatever haha
Happy Birthday!
I also made a Pacman PiƱata, found tiny hand held pinball games, found gold chocolate coined to be the tokens for the birthday arcade (I was super proud of this idea ;)), I made a ton of cupcake ghost toppers because I had an awesome cake Pacman Cake idea, but I didn't get to do those things. I feel like I gave Brian a half birthday :( it wasn't awesome. It was weirdly rushed, I wish I could hit rewind.
Pinball <3
The night before we left Eli left Bri's gift he picked out, out in the living room all Santa like :) It was pretty darn cute! Eli wrote him a sweet note and a funny note from Mickey haha! We found this old toy Pinball game in an antique shop in Tarpon Springs - it was on sale and it was SO perfect! Brian and Eli are going to get it working again-together!
Pacman Quilt
I started a Pixelated Pacman Quilt for Brian-I still have a ways to go, but it is much faster than last years 1up Mushroom crocheted blanket haha
Becky Farley Pacman Pinterest
Here were all my Pacman Idea Pins on Pinterest! I really love that Pacman skirt-too cute! Oh and I have those Pacman cookie cutters! I use them to make Brian breakfast - see!!
Pacman breakfast for my guy :) I've mastered that egg in the middle thing -leaving the yolk uncooked (I think it's nasty, I like my eggs scrambled and burnt)
Well there you go hahaha that was kinda a whiney post - sorry about that! But I just feel weird and not complete when I can't finish something I started!! Oh well! 
Here's a few of our Pacman photos on Flickr and all our Gamer Love on Flickr :) enjoy!
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Sway said...

Aww Honey - you did an awesome job!!!! Don't worry - it just means he can have a half birthday on Pacman's birthday with the rest of the goodies hahaa! Or keep 'em for a suprise 'just because' mini party.

I've done the same thing - tried to organise heaps of stuff to happen whilst being on a trip... it's freaking tough! I failed, but it was funny. Your trip looked like it was beautiful and worth the bday stress anyway :)

Huge hugs to you all and a belated happy bday to Bri!


miss teacups said...

Holy moly Becky, you are THE CRAFTIEST!!!

Becky Farley said...

Sway - you're so sweet!! :)))))))

Carly- muah!! ;) thanks sweet friend!

Peacoats and Plaid said...

You are simply amazing. I just love reading your posts. Keep up the good work!