Monday, July 30, 2012

Pacman Birthday Take2

Last week I was bummed I didn't give Brian a proper birthday party, so Friday afternoon Eli and I quickly decorated the house and baked a Pacman cake for Brian before he got home from work! 
We got all the decorations we took to GA (and didn't use) and put them up! 
Pacman Birthday take2
We got all our Pacman goodies out! 
We made tacos too! Brian was coincidentally wearing his Pacman ghost tee ;) 
Eli LOVES coincidences like these!
brians bday
It was a wonderful night! 
We watched Willy Wonka (the real one) to finish the night! Super wonderful!
Eli's birthday gift to bri
Had to share these two little guys - Eli gave them to Brian for his birthday! I think they are pretty stink'n cute! Bri put them up in his office and Eli was stoked! :)
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Windsor Grace said...

Who doesn't love those kind of coincidences?! This is amazing. You should be a party planner, for real

mags said...

Hey Becky, You did a really great job with all the decorations! I want to have Daddy's party here on Aug 12th. Do you want to do some Dallas Cowboy decorations for him or something else he's into? He's going to be 55.