Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Believe in Good

Today I woke up to a FourSquare alert on my phone saying "Happy Marriage Equality Day!" from my very dear Starbucks loving friend Mo (this is a lady I am very thankful to have in my life). So that started me on my day! Before I left for work I grabbed a large stack of my Dear Pastor Worley postcards and carpooled to work with my love.  I had a mission today.
Who is my penpal Pastor Worley? Well he is a man who believes all gays and lesbians should be put inside electric fences and kept there until they die, therefore killing all the gays (of course this is not the case you horrible old man)- see for yourself. 
 The day Brian called me and told me about this man, I went to CNN.com right away and watched..... and I couldn't breathe, I couldn't speak or I would burst into tears.....my heart hurt so so much....I can't explain the feeling - it crushed me. I was scared. 
It is 2012. 
Then within a 30 min period my fear lessen because I had an idea! I am VERY fortunate that I work at and am more or less married to a printing company :) Why be scared? I can spread love and happiness via postcards-even to this hateful thing called Pastor Worley! Yay for Direct Mail! So I simply opened Photoshop and made a rainbow with a VERY happy face- 4x6 -300dpi-CMYK-saved as a pdf- sent to prepress, bindery cut them down and I was ready to write my Love Letters to Worley! Kill him with kindness.
I posted a photo of the postcards on Instagram, and that's when the world was good again! Crazy how social media works- who knew I'd meet/know such amazing people via Instgram!?! They asked to help! So I just printed more and shipped them all over the US and they all sent them to Pastor Worley!
Thank you all SO much!
Love Letters To Pastor Worley
Here (above) are just a few of my wonderful friends' Love Letters they wrote to Pastor Worley! 
I especially want to thank my friend Rachel for this blog post "Dear Pastor Worley".

Love letters to Pastor Worley ;)
Also thanks to Postagram I sent Worley a fancy die-cut postcard, so he could pop the Instagram photo out and keep it forever!  And then 30 days later Postagram reminded me that I hadn't sent old Worley a Postagram in awhile! Thanks Postagram! 
All Love is Equal
I made a new postcard tonight to send to him (above) 
Oh and I sent him a glitter bomb a few months ago! I thought he'd get a kick out of it! 
Let me know if you would like to help me spread the love to Pastor Worley! ;) 
Leave me a note in the comments.

Gay pride fest in amsterdam
Another sweet Instagram friend was recently in the Netherlands and she sent me this from the Gay Pride Fest in Amsterdam- it's a beautiful rainbow flag on a church. It's so simple-just treat people how you want to be treated! Equal! 
"Supporters of gay marriage responded Tuesday to last week’s rush to Chick-fil-A with an appreciation day of their own — at Starbucks." Read more here!
So I'm proud of Starbucks for making it Marriage Equality Day! Thank you for not being hurtful and close minded.....and for making awesome coffee and tea! ;) But seriously it's good to see a large company believing and stand up for GOOD! 
I am so excited for our wedding, I couldn't imagine being told we couldn't get married. All my life my parents have told me to be myself. Why can't the world take on this way of thinking? 

A few weeks ago my sister asked, "who's left after the gays and lesbians win equal rights?" Please do NOT forget women only gaining the right to vote less than 100 years ago and the civil rights movement took place even more recent than that! Who will these hate filled people go after next? Or will it be over? Is that possible? We can only hope and kill/fight them with kindness.

I shouldn't have to write this, but if you don't have anything nice to say (in the comments) 
then please don't say anything at all. Thank you. 
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steph said...

This is a great post, Becky. I think what you have been doing is so awesome and inspiring!

larissa bree said...

This is so so amazing Becky. I love you so much more for this! Don't forget everyone under the LGBTQ umbrella!

Even thought gay marriage is allowed here in Canada, there are no rights still for transgendered people which is scary and needed so bad!

Velma said...

love your heart in this!! It is sad to me that people think they can change the world with Hate!!!

Jordan said...

This is AMAZING, Becky. I'm going to post this on my twitter feed and facebook page. I would LOVE to help out with this. I don't get why people are so hateful and awful. Hugs for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such a beautiful thing you are doing! Thank you for spreading love & not hate like Pastor Worley. Hopefully if we bombard him with these messages of love, it will start to wear away the hate he is filled with. I'm in!!!:-)

Cara H said...

PRAISE GOD for this post and what an AWESOME idea the Lord placed in your lovely mind! I would love to send him some of this love. 'Cause that's what it is, isn't it? We're sending him love, so that others can love! Yay!!!

Leminh said...

I love that you are doing this! I often hear about people like this and just get angry. You've taken negative energy and turned it into something insanely POSITIVE. I would love to help out with this. Please let me know how!!

And thank you for posting about this on your blog. I know a lot of people tend to stay away from "issues" on these kinds of blogs. But it is so important to make our voices heard and spread goodness in this world. =)


Deer Donna said...

i love this and you! its awesome. good on you for doing this, i am sending my love from australia to you xoxox

Sway said...

Becks, you just rock my world!! Killing him with kindness is just THE BEST idea ever! If logic doesn't work on him (clearly) then hopefully the fact that postive, loving people like you are trying to reach him may! Seriously though, what a f*ckwit!

I'm definitely happy to send some too, if you think some from here would be helpful!

So proud to call you my friend!
Luvluv xxxxxxx

janel. said...

I want some post cards!!

kittykill said...

You are awesome! I just love you!

Lyssalove said...

Wow. I watched that video of the Pastor. That is so frustrating to me! I love God, I have a personal relationship with Him. With that being said, what you are doing is really awesome, especially compared to what this pastor is doing. You are loving and showing kindness to someone who doesn't quite deserve it. God does NOT feel the same way about gay people as this pastor does!! God loves them cause they are people!! "Gay and Lesbian" is not a sub-species! I try not to pass judgement but, this pastor obviously doesn't understand the love of God.
I really don't hope to start a debate or offend anyone.
Props to you for spreading the love.

<3 alyssa @

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

Ugh. This is the first time I heard of this guy. Barf. I'm glad you're killing him with kindess. I hope and I pray and I have Faith that passing same sex marriage everywhere makes a difference but I think it will be a long time until people are okay with each other, just the way they are.

Karamat said...

You're awesome!!

Lizette said...

Love what you are doing Becky. I want to help. How do I get a postcard?

Greta said...

It really is too hard for me to explain how amazing this post is! Congrats on your wedding, by the way, and I hope you don't mind that I share this on my twitter ~

Molly Le Blanc said...

LOVE this post Beck Far. Keep spreading the love - that's my goal in life now - love hard. MISS YOU

Beth Rowland said...

This is by far the best post I've seen all day! :)

Katelyn said...

Awwww!!! I just saw this and our picture =)
We are beyond happy to support equal love for all!! Thank you for providing us with an outlet.

knuckle boom for sale said...

this is so fun and creative!