Thursday, August 2, 2012

cute egg in the middle

I'm not great at cooking, though I am learning! 
One thing I am good at making is breakfast-eggs, bacon, challah french toast, waffles, and now egg in the middle! It's Brian's favorite - I think it's gross haha but to each their own right ;) 
I mastered the semi runny egg in the middle, then I thought how could I make this better? 
answer: by making it cuter!! So that's what I did! 
Went for another 2.5 miles today w Bri! I made him heart toast and eggs ❤ and a smoothie (and a few pcs of bacon ) for me!
I just got the heart cookie cutter out and tada-cuter egg in the middles! 
I wonder if Alfred ever made this for Batman haha
I sorta love this one the best! It's Halloweenie! Or very batman!
Pacman breakfast for my guy :) I've mastered that egg in the middle thing -leaving the yolk uncooked (I think it's nasty, I like my eggs scrambled and burnt)
And of course this is a favorite in our house - Pacman egg in the middle! 
If you decide to make your egg in the middle cuter I wanna see!! :)
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Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

I hadn't heard of egg in the middle until my recent trip to visit a friend in Maryland. She made it for us and I fell in love with it! I couldn't believe that I had never ever seen this before... now I Love it!

Robert Dulaney said...

i love the little toasted middles! i never thought to use a cookie cutter! i usually just use a juice glass.

Torrie said...

I LOVE egg in the middle! We call it eggs in the basket or toad in the hole! So yummy =)

Karen said...

Great idea, love the batman one, that would have been a favorite in my house growing up. Down here in Aussie land we call egg in the middle 'toad in the hole' don't ask me why :)

Carol Cheaney said...

Brian's dad made him egg in the middle for him all the time for breakfast. It made me smile to know that it is his favorite.

forestry bucket truck for sale said...

this would be so cute to do for my boyfriend! i love it