Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keys Weekend Adventure

And we're a herd of turtles ;)
Last weekend Bri and I packed up and headed down to the Keys! We go over the SkyWay Bridge every time we go and I always take a photo. :) I secretly love the drive down because I crochet the whole way! We took our GoPro camera to take under water, but Brian also decided to video part of our trip down in the car - it was pretty darn cute of him! I can't wait to watch it 50 years from now! :) 
Our mission on this trip was to get Lobster! And that's just what Brian did - but it wasn't easy! There were so many storms down in South Florida and the waves were CRAZY! The waves turn up all the sand, making it difficult to see underwater! Plus I get super duper barfy from the boat rocking (cars moving, roller coasters, basically anything that moves) and Dramamine makes me so sleep (even non drowsy). So it was tricky getting those lobsters! Oh and Brian and I both saw two different 5 foot sharks (they were nurse sharks but still it's super scary when you're in their water!)! So Brian found 5 Lobsters, but let one go because it was a bit short. The Keys have VERY strict laws when it comes to lobster hunting -THANKFULLY! Makes me happy to know if you take too many or baby lobsters the police of the Keys will take your boat and fine you heavily! Mostly stops the poachers! 
Keys adventure
So I drove the boat while Brian held on tight to a ski rope in the water and searched for Lobster spots. Bri and his dad did this when he was little and now he wants to do it with Eli! I think it's awesome!
Best spot in all the keys for food and best view
We ate at our favorite spot in the Keys - Lazy Days Restaurant! If you ever go to the Keys, you HAVE to go to Lazy Days - order the JalapeƱo Encrusted Yellow Tail, it's amazing! Plus look at the view! 
The Keys are a wonderful place to visit, but there's no place like home! 
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Sway said...

Aww man - such a lovely trip, Becks! Seriously, how great are car trips for crocheting?! Thanks again for teaching me, Sweet Lady!
That storm over the water is stunning!!! Did you see any vampire lobsters :)