Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake Lanier Adventure

summer vacation 2012
A few weeks ago we took a trip to Lake Lanier in GA! 
I found it completely crazy that Lake Lanier is a man made lake! Crazy! 
The water is blue, compared to Lake Tarpon where we live which is brown and FILLED with gators! 
We drove the truck with the boat hitched to us 9 hours up to Lake Lanier. 
We got to wakeboard (almost) everyday! It was awesome! 
wootwoot! Bri led the kids to the geo-cache treasure!!! Very very hidden on an island on a hill in the forest haha
I am very very lucky to have these two wonderful boys in my life! Brian took everyone Geocaching, which is basically treasure hunting and it was awesome! We found a cach that started in 2004!
Eli was showing the other kids how to wakeboard
We all wakeboard! Above is Eli!
 Brian taught me to drive the boat so I can pull him! 
That's him in the photo below! Brian is a WONDERFUL wakeboarder! He jumps the wake, does little spins, all that jazz! It's very impressive! 
And here's a photo of me wake boarding haha! 
I wish I could go everyday! In the mornings it was such glassy water; flat and smooth.
 Bri took a photo of me wakeboarding! Im no where close to being as good as him!
Our ridiculous family photo ❤
Just a hilarious family (self) photo.

One of the highlights on the trip was meeting follow blogger and crafter, Whitney from Heart So Much in real life! Hahaha! Oh and her pup Chico! She is just so sweet and so genuine! I always get nervous meeting online buds in real life, but my nervousness went away immediately- Whitney is super easy to talk to :) The people who were in GA with us thought her and I were old buds haha I thought that was pretty awesome! We are kindred pup people - mean our dogs are as loved as most people's kids are haha just look at the fourth photo there -Chico just wanted to save Whitney!!!
It was a very awesome day with her! It's a shame we don't live closer!
Whitney, you know you are ALWAYS welcome down here in FL with us! :) 
We don't have these guys in Tampa-they're magic! ⚡fireflies!
We saw lightening bugs (fireflies) which is always amazing to me! We don't have them where we live in FL, so to me they're like the equivalent of seeing fairies haha! ;) But seriously they are so beautiful!
Brian and I woke up early so we could spend sometime wakeboarding just he and i ❤
It was a fun trip. I do wish we could wakeboard on that lake everyday! I would! 
Lake Lanier I hope to see you soon! :)
(ps I made a whole Lake Lanier Flickr set)
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Windsor Grace said...

I love those pictures :) I didn't realize you guys don't have fireflies in Florida, what a shame. Next time I'm down your way, I'll definitely be giving you a call

Holly Knitlightly said...

Looks like such a fun time!! Do you ever go swimming in the water you live in at home? I'd be so scared of the gators! Eee! Last time I was in Florida I saw THREE snakes. GAH. I'm terrified of snakes, so it totally freaked me out, ha. We stayed at my neighbour's place (in Seminole! Near you, right?!) and she said in all the years she's lived there (she used to live there, now it's half here, half there. There in the cool winter months, haha.) she's seen ONE snake. I have bad luck, I guess! Do you ever see snakes there? haha okay I'm asking a million questions!!

Becky Farley said...

holly -hahahahaha I see snakes every once in awhile but maybe 1 a year haha never that many - maybe you are bad snake luck ;)
We do have gators in the lake - 2 babies in the canal we live on, so I know there are mama gators out there! We swim and wakeboard in the lake, but the past 2 years I've become more nervous - now I'm very very nervous lol I tell brian I'll go wake boarding midday (never after 5-when they feed) - only in the middle of the lake and real fast! :)

Becky Farley said...

whit- that's a deal!! :)

Carrie said...

fun times!!! Lake Hartwell is a man made lake too I wish we could have met up when you were in Georgia :(

mags said...

Beautiful pics Beck!

Claire said...

It looks beautiful! And you swim in the lake with gators?! Hardcore!

Amanda said...

How cool. You were in my neck of the woods. I live in Gainesville, GA about 10 minutes from the lake. I'm glad you had fun.

Carol Cheaney said...

I wish I could find some photos of Bri water skiing and wake boarding when he was E's age because looking a E on the board, is like going back in tine for me and seeing Brian on the water...

Anonymous said...

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