Friday, August 3, 2012

olloclip love

I had my eye on this olloclip for awhile now. I've seen cheaper ones, but never a 3-in-1 like the olloclip! I ordered mine on Amazon because I wanted the Prime Shipping to get it here ASAP! 
So I love it basically haha I'm an easy sell! 
It has a Macro lens, Wide Angle, and a Fish-Eye - it's awesome! 
I take a LOT of photos (see above photo) I just deleted 2000 photos from that 4646 recently! I use my iPhone so so much! I still love my Canon, but the iPhone takes the cake! 

Fisheye vs wide angle
So here's the lens in use! The lens just snaps right on over the phone, and you turn it around to change the lens! To use the Macro you just unscrew the Wide Angle lens.
macro len olloclip
The Macro lens is the most amazing!! Pretty impressive for a phone camera right?!
We took a Macro photo of this lovely Vamper Lego lady and my ring! They came out so clear! 
Fish eye olloclip
Eli loved it too ps! 
Fish eye
Here's my ode to South Park and the episode of Animals with wide angle lens (Mickey will not wear a hat) he will not be made a fool of! 
I used it at GameWarp2 (pinball and arcade conference) in Orlando last weekend and it took amazing photos! I'll do a post soon with them!

Now the only thing I don't like about the olloclip is this- you cannot use it with a phone case, which is tricky because I normally NEVER have a bare iPhone. Makes me very nervous! 
If you use this lens I suggest a dress with pockets! haha
I really like it and if you take a ton of photos you will use this! It's awesome! 
Oh and another iPhone product I love that I recently got it the LifeProof case - which is completely waterproof! I bought it for our Lake Lanier trip and I'm so thankful I did! Plus we live on a lake and go down to the keys often - I suggest LifeProof for all FL gals and guys! I'll be using it this weekend down in the keys! Can't wait to share the underwater photos! 

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Velma said...

so awesome!!!!!
I need to upgrade to a 4!!! I just have the 3gs, which is fine, but I get so jealous of all the cool things for the 4!!!!
the pictures are too cool!!

knuckle boom for sale said...

i need to upgrade as well! these picture came up fantastic

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