Monday, August 13, 2012

One Cowboy's Birthday

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! And yesterday we celebrated it - cowboy style! ;)
This is probably one of my most favorite photos in this world! This is my dad as an awesome kid cowboy-this was taken in Japan on Halloween. Send a Farley to Japan and they will still celebrate Halloween! hahaha
Happy Birthday week Larbear! I love you more than you will ever know! 
Happy Birthday to you Larbear!
My dad is a big Dallas Cowboys fan! 
So I made some cowboy decorations! It was fitting too because as a kid I knew football started around my dad's birthday and ended around my birthday (late Jan.) I always thought of it as birthday gifts to both of us! hahahaha
cowboy cupcakes
Woohooo for paper crafts! 
Woohoo cowboys birthday banner for my dad's birthday!
I had fun putting all his decorations together! 
special banner for my dad
I decided all the cupcake stars looked cuter as actual stars - so I just hand cut them!
cupcake toppers
Yesterday was a very fun day with my family! 
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Dallas Cowboys said...

Great photos! I'm a big Cowboy fan

Ledingham said...

Gorgeous cupcake toppers.