Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheekiest Bridal Shower

My sister, Lauren and my best friend, Kris gave me the most adorable Bridal Shower! 
Or should I say CHEEKIEST Bridal Shower! 
It was a tea party! They chose Tea Rose Cottage in Ybor (one of my most favorite spots), ordered Gigi's Cupcakes, made AMAZING Cheeky Housewife Kits, and a super cute bridal bingo game! 
Everything was completely perfect! They are too good to me! 
Cheekiest Bridal Shower
I just love my sister SO much! I'd be lost without her!
Today was mad especially perfect by @laurenmf13  you're the best lo! Thank you for the sweetest bridal shower ever!!!
My best friend, Kris is so amazing to me! Even though we live miles apart, we are so close! 
I am so lucky to have her.
Kris & me <3
I found this dress at Pinup Girl Clothing and had to have it! 
It's pink circus themed fabric! It's too perfect!
I found a pink circus print dress haha and had to wear it for the bridal shower
Lauren had her very talented fellow, Curtis Elliott, design the invitations
Sonic Print printed them! ;) They came out so cute! 
Bridal Shower Invites!
Now I'm sure you noticed all the photos have been iPhone photos haha nice! 
Have no fear, Jenn from Jennifer Martin Photography took the legit photos! 
I cannot wait to see them! I'm so stoked! Jenn and I became friends via our blogs! Crazy huh!? 
She is the sweetest girl I've ever met. And the day Brian proposed I knew she'd be our wedding photographer, but there's a little bump.....a baby bump (she's due 2 days before our wedding hahaha)!
I could NOT be more happy for her and her husband! That's gonna be one talented kiddo! :)  
Jennifer Martin Photography

I am so so thankful for my wonderful family and friends! You all are so awesome! 
I'll be back with non-iPhone photos soon! ;)
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Sway said...

Aww Honey - it looks like the shower was perfection!! You deserve it!!! A huge round of applause to Lauren, Kris and Mr Elliot for amazingness! And woah mama to you - you looked incredible (as always!).
Hugest of love xxxxxxxx

Claire said...

Looks like a lovely day!
And you look beautiful!

Velma said...

awe so sweet!!!!!!!

Steph Dillon said...

Everything looks beautiful! So happy for you :)

Diana said...

This is the cutest! It's perfect for you and I love the invites.

Adele said...

Organizing a bridal shower is challenging but it’s completely worth the work! Each of us got a personalized scavenger hunt t-shirt and ‘Bridezilla’ had to check off topics off our shirts throughout the evening… we entertained her with plenty of drinks and absolutely everyone had plenty of fun. We identified tons of great ideas on this web site if you're looking for ideas:

Mizz Moxie said...

Congratulations on your Engagement Becky! That is so exciting. I am dying to know what your dress will look like :P
You are lucky to have a sister. Really, really lucky. And I'm glad you know it! :P

Holly Knitlightly said...

AWESOME. It looks like it was so much fun! Your dress was PERFECT.

donna goat said...

aww this is too cute! i am so excited for your wedding as we share a theme! :D

i just wanted to let you know also that i now have a new blog. deer donna is no longer.. i am now blogging under


love donna :)

p.s. i would love a button from you if you want to share... i need a 240 x 130 button to put it up, so if you have a moment, can you swing by and email me one? i will pop you on my sidebar!

benilhalk said...

The idea of this bridal shower was so inspirational. It seems quite quirky too. I would love to use this theme for my cousin’s bridal shower. She will tie knot in next month at destination wedding venues Los Angeles and have planned on a funky theme for this special day.