Monday, September 10, 2012

September so far....

....has been pretty darn awesome! Lauren started it off with a very perfect Bridal Shower
It's just been great ever since! A lot is happening in the Farley/Cheaney family! 
Big moves, a wedding, new jobs! It's gonna be an exciting Fall! 
Only 5 days late ;) @ScoutCreative's super cute Sept paper craft! #scoutcreative
While Eli was doing his homework last week, I put together the ScoutCreative Paper Craft Calendar (only 5 days into the month-a bit behind ;))
@oliveoh's amazing banana pudding -literally the best. Ever ever.
On Labor Day we had our friends and family over for some yummy food and games! 
Thanks to Olivia everyone gained a few delicious pounds haha! 
Look at that banana pudding above! It was out of this world! Thank you again Olivia
Purple drank  from the vitamix- plain yogurt, spinach, frozen blue berries, pineapple and super food powder-pretty dang good!
We invested in a Vitamix! It's super duper awesome! I love the super food green smoothies at our local health food store, but they aren't cheap! A friend or Brian's had one and Olivia has had one and every time I see her smoothies they're just perfect! So we got one! I think I've used it every day since the day we got it! I bought that green power super food and if you add pineapple you can't even taste it! 
My internet bud Claire recommended making banana ice cream! OH MY WORD! It's so good!! 
Take some frozen bananas (3 to 4), a cup of ice, and I used 1/4 to 1/2 of almond milk - blend! Tada! Amazing banana ice cream! 
@clairey_lou I made banana icecream!! And it is really good!! I put a teeny bit of almond milk and a cup of ice and a bunch of frozen bananas! Perfect!
Started a new blanket ❤
I started a baby blanket for my sweet friend Virginie! Again I wish I could hand deliver this to her, but without teleportation being created yet, I cannot- one day! ;)  
I made her precious little Leo an afghan and I thought it was my favorite, but now I think it's my second favorite hahaha because I'm in love with this one! 
Rainy day ❤ we woke up so late. My favorite days.
Oh speaking of sweet babies! Mickey is still the apple of my eye! ;)
He's as rotten and spoiled as ever! Below is a photo of him on our dining room table just hanging out! Little rotten tot! If I'm working on the computer, he thinks its totally normal to sit (on the table) next to me! Geeza! 
Hehe fat pup & a wide angle lens =
So that's my September so far! Oh and my sister, Olivia and I finished painting, rolling, stuffing, confetti-ing our wedding invites this weekend-so I'm super stoked about that!
 I can't wait to post all about them! 
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Claire said...

Vitamix envy!!
When my blender packs in I think I may treat myself to one!
I think strawberry and banana is good blended with green powder too
That photo of Mickey is so cute!

Velma said...

sounds like an awesome month to me!!!!!

Sara Stoff said...

What new job?!

Erin Fraser said...

You might like this link, for your wedding planning!!!

Love your blog!