Monday, October 15, 2012

DiY Halloween Invitations!

This Halloween the Farley family isn't having a Farley Family Function. But fear not I hopefully have 50+ Halloweens to come (knock on wood)! So I want you all to have an extra awesome Halloween this year for me!!! ;) Here are some of my Halloween Invitations from the past few years! 
Haunted Acrade Halloween Party Invitation
These pinball game invitations are from our Haunted Arcade Party last year! 
Halloween In-bites
These maybe my favorites! They are from our Vamp-o-ween
Mostly I love the blood splattered envelopes!
Blood covered envelopes
2010 Halloween Farley Family Function Invites
2010 Halloween Farley Family Function Invites
This was from our Farley Family Freakshow Party! We were 1930 circus freaks-it was amazing!
It was my first attempt at photoshop hahaha-kinda a mess! 
DIY Halloween Greeting Cards
DiY Halloween Greeting Cards using letterpress blocks!
Enjoy your Halloween!! 
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Jim said...

That Farley Family poster is AWESOME!

Nicholas Lowell Redd said...

Wow! Love this blog.

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