Friday, October 5, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween!

I turned my boring old orange iPhone case into a Jacko'lantern! 
It's a bit wonky haha! 
pumpkin iPhone5
I took tape and made the Jacko'lantern face, then I took Essie "Licorice" and went to town! 
I let it dry for a bit longer than I would my nails ;) 
ijack o'lantern
We got our first Halloween greeting from my IRL/IG bud Amy! You may know her as Bugbeansmomma on Instagram! Well she sent us the cutest BOO! Snail mail style! So awesome! 
So if you want to start a BOO snail mail style go over to Amy's Blog Buggie & Bean and get to it! 
Eli loved being BOOed @bugbeansmomma  he's stoked to make something to BOO some buds!!  Thank you again!!
We got BOOed! :) So now Eli has to make a little something and we'll snail mail boo a pal! 
Super cute boo by @bugbeansmomma (tissue paper pompoms & golden stars)
We hung our BOO up right away! See the stars and pompoms! 
From earlier  boo maker
Eli got started on his BOO! 
We've made surprise balls for friends and family before, and since it's pumpkin shape-EASY PEASY! 
Eli made a Pumpkin Surprise Ball to BOO a special bud! 
Eli made some boo surprises to send out!  
After Eli went to sleep I made little BOOs for my little cousins! I can't wait to send them out! :) 
Made 3 goofy look'n surprise pumpkin balls for our little cousins (my uncles' kids are like 20 years younger than me ha)
So start a BOO! It's so fun! I LOVE Halloween for a zillion reasons, one of the major ones, all the craftiness that goes on! Pun intended ;) 

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Sway said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Halloween Queens forever!!!! I'm adoring Amy's Boo idea and can't wait to send a few to my interstate buds kidlets :) Yeah - I'm totally an adult that does stuff made for kiddos - never ever growing up! Bangarang!!!
Can't wait to see what craftiness you get up to, Becky!!
And can't wait to see Mickey get Halloween'd up to :)

Velma said...

love this! We got boo-d by a neighbor the night before halloween a few years ago. My kids were so excited they wanted to boo someone right away. I wanted them to wait because we didn't have anything right then to boo with. Well the next day before I woke up my smarty kids made their own boo (with random things from the house like old toys and cookie cutters!!) and SNUCK out of the house to boo our other neighbor. Kira told us later, now knowing her bubba wanted it a secret. But how can you be mad about this? at least our neighborhood is safe!!!!

And now I want to do it again!

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