Becky Farley and Brian Cheaney are get'n hitched!

We're Engaged! Triple Word Score!

This Thanksgiving was a keeper :)
After the Farley gang ate and we were all sitting around chatting, we decided to play scrabble! Brian was messing with the camera, but that's normal, so I didn't pay much attention. He did seem overly excited to play scrabble, though he is very good at Words With Friends, still his enthusiasm was surprising. He started shaking up the bag and picking out letters - I told him, "No taking the good letters when I'm not looking! -wink" My sister went first with a three letter word, then I went, but I wasn't feeling to completive and a bit ADD-ish so I played a three letter word too. Not too many spots for Brian to go! So on his turn he seemed fluster and he was taking longer than normal, then he put down WEDRING, but I only noticed that NS didn't make a word and started saying, "you can't play that" I take the game very seriously haha!  Then he got down on one knee and showed me the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!!!! I was SO surprised! My heart skipped a few beats! It was the most amazing special moment!! He got me good! I had NO idea! It was just so perfect! My family went bonkers and so did I!!! ps He had been messing with the camera because it takes video and he captured the WHOLE thing - it's hilarious and incredibly sweet all wrapped together!!! He is the BEST!
I have been on cloud 9 ever since that game! Oh what an incredible Thanksgiving! 
Aunt Jackie's cooking was wonderful too ;)
We are still smiling SO big! He's been calling me his fiancĂ© all day and telling me how excited he is, it's pretty darn cute! It's the best feeling! 
I just love him so much! I have so much to be thankful for and now even more so! I just had to share our excitement with you all! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving too!! 
ps just SO happy! Marriage proposal via scrabble wins my heart all over again! ;)

engagement ring photos

As you may know I love taking photos!
I thought I'd photograph my beautiful engagement from my beautiful fellow! 
(a few of you have asked to see better photos of it, not just iPhone photos)
He surprised me on Thanksgiving day during a Scrabble game! It was incredible!
The ring was absolutely perfect! He picked it out all by himself - he knows me so well! I rarely wear jewelry, and NEVER wear rings, so wearing this will take some getting use to! 
But I think I can handle it! ;)  The ring is antique inspired, not actually antique. Would you wear an antique ring? Would you need to know who owned it before you - I would, like a whole bio on the person! I may believe in jinxes! ;)
I used my Canon 7D with a 18mm to 250mm lens. I used natural light then edited them in Photoshop.
I told Brian yesterday that when I'm 105 I'll still look at this ring and giggle at how wonderful it is, ditto to him and his wonderfulness! ;) 

For those of you who are in the Strumpet's Ornament Swap remember to get them in the mail today (unless you've made plans with your swap bud). I hope your Friday is great!! 

Here's today's Elf move ps!

Have I thought about what the wedding will be like? Why yes I sure have! :)
I want a circus! 

Sorry I don't have the credits for the photos, I literally have been just collecting them for over a year or so! But if you see your photo tell me! And I'll tell you you're amazing! :)
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